Welsh Association of Motor Clubs 

Event Date Event Name Type Status Organising Club Championships
2 Mar WAMC Southern Centre Meeting Z N/A Welsh Association Of Motor Clubs
6 Mar Tour of Cheshire H IC Knutsford and District Motor Club
6 Mar -> 7 Mar Rali Cwm Gwendraeth RR CM Gwendraeth Valley Motor Club Ltd
7 Mar Autotest and PCA X CM Caernarvonshire and Anglesey Motor Club
7 Mar Snowman Autotest X CM Herefordshire Motor Club Ltd
20 Mar Castle Coombe S IC Bristol Motor Club
20 Mar Legend Fires North West Stages SR IC Motor Sport (North West) Ltd
21 Mar Tarmac Autosolo AS IC Sixty and Worcestershire Motor Club
21 Mar Tarmac Autotest A IC Sixty and Worcestershire Motor Club
21 Mar Loton Park S IC Hagley and District Light Car Club
21 Mar Tour of Caerwent SR IC Forresters Car Club Ltd. Welsh Tarmacadam Championship
27 Mar -> 28 Mar Gurston Down S IC BARC (South Western)
27 Mar -> 28 Mar Merfyn Hughes Memorial Rali Llyn RR IC Harlech and District Motor Club Welsh Road Rally Championship
28 Mar Foxley Autotests X CM Herefordshire Motor Club Ltd


Cancelled Live Postponed Unknown


CM = Clubman
DP = Dual Permit
E = Exempt
IC = Interclub
Int = International
N/A = Non Applicable
Nat = National
TBA = To Be Advised


A = Autotest
AS = Autosolo
B = 12 Car Rally
CT = Car Trial
E = Economy Run
H = Historic Rally
K = Scatter
L = Cross Country
M = Multi Use Venue Rally
N = Navigational Exercise
O = Other
Q = Rallycross
Q = Awards Evening
RR = Road Rally
RT = Rally Time Trial
S = Sprint / Hillclimb
SR = Stage Rally
ST = Scenic Tour
T = Trial
TA = Targa