Welsh Association of Motor Clubs 

Epynt & Caerwent Liaison Officer Update – August 2021

At last, we’re on the road!

The Nicky Grist Stages went off without a hitch and in the words of the military Safety Training Officer for Sennybridge “…the bar has been set……”. His comments refer to, in the main, the way the ban on spectators was managed by Quinton MC.

We must also thank the motor sport public for their buy-in and adhering to the current exclusion of spectators.

Next up will be the Forresters CC Targa Rally at Caerwent in August followed by the Mewla Rally on Epynt at the end of the month and then the Tour of Epynt in October, all of which will be non-spectator events.

There will be no spectator access to any events on Epynt for 2021 and organisers will be asked to plan accordingly.

Also, on Epynt the FIBUA area (German Village) will not be available for any future events.

The bid for the Roger Albert Clarke Rally (RAC) to use Epynt has been denied due to military training although the organisers are looking for local alternatives.

Chris. Phillips

Epynt & Caerwent Liaison Officer